Allers Lumber Company Inc. Since 1923

The Allers Lumber Company Inc. Since 1923….

When company founder Lester V. Allers started the company in Farmingdale, NY and 2 years later moved to Lindenhurst. As a former member of the Amityville lodge, The Sunrise Square Club and the Lindenhurst Fire Department, Lester believed in helping his community grow through his business. He always stood by his principles and beliefs as a businessman, even in difficult times.


Due to his credibility and respect, he was able to grow the business and pass it on to his family to continue the tradition and the high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Devoted To Providing Quality Products At Low Prices


After almost 90 years, Allers Lumber Company is still devoted to providing quality products at low prices, and to serving the customers and communities that we hold dear. Today, his son Lester and Grandson Brian, worked into the retail business, offering windows, doors, and building materials as well as lumber and building supplies. The company now has a showroom offering everything from hardware, paint, lumber & tools, to lumber and building materials and supplies. At Allers Lumber we offer quality products, a knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service. Allers Lumber has been owned by the Allers family since its foundation in 1923, and has been passed down for three generations. While Long Island has changed over the last eighty years, our business’s values haven’t changed, and still stem right from our family’s beliefs; loyalty, integrity, and hard work.