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Westlake Royal Building Products – Exterior Trim & Mouldings

Trim is not an afterthought, it’s an essential. And we have ways to inspire you. Come visit our showroom and True Value Hardware store located at 217 West Montauk Highway in Lindenhurst to speak with a member of our team or give us a call at 631-226-6666.

Exterior Trim & Mouldings

Add the Finishing Touch with Exterior Trim! Ready to turn your home’s curb appeal up to 11? The right pairing of trim with your siding can bring out the best in a variety of home styles, from Colonial to Craftsman.

Exterior Trim & Mouldings

Window & Door Trim

The right framing can make the difference between forgettable and brag-worthy windows and doors. Our trim comes in styles to match virtually every home, door and window type. It’s available in 100% cellular PVC and vinyl, and requires little in the way of maintenance—protecting against termites, moisture and extreme weather conditions.

Porch Ceilings & Soffits

Our vast variety of trim products—from S4S and SurEdge Trimboard to our Precision Cut Trimboard—plays a role in defining the look of porch ceilings and soffits. They’re available in smooth and smooth/woodgrain reversible finishes, carry the same durable, low-maintenance properties as our other trim and accessory products and complement virtually any home and siding style.

Corner Trim

Our corner trim matches every variety of our traditional and insulated siding, so the look you achieve won’t just look finished, but perfectly finished. It resists denting, peeling, rusting, flaking and corrosion, and is ready to install whenever you’re ready to make your home look amazing.

Column Wraps

Call it powerful character, seamless dimension or porch presence—our column wraps, capitals and bases achieve curb appeal in their own unique way. They’re available in three distinctive styles, they’re virtually maintenance free and are easy to install with standard tools. And additional peace of mind comes in the form of a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Fascia & Eaves

For fascia and eaves, our 100% cellular PVC trim will help you get the details right. Our S4S, SurEdge and Precision Cut Trimboard, Crown Moulding, Drip Caps, Back Bands and Panel Moulds stand out, cut cleanly and finish meticulously. Plus, they’re moisture proof, resist mold and require near-zero maintenance.

Garage Door Trim

The Royal® Garage Door Trim System is engineered to protect what’s in your garage from the dirt, bugs, wind, snow and water outside of it. Every component—brick mould, jamb and the Uniflex garage door stop which accommodates top and side mount applications—is also designed to match with virtually every garage style and color. The entire system is made from low-maintenance PVC.

Specialty Applications

Some applications demand more versatility and creativity than others. For projects that call for extensive moulding and custom shapes and widths, materials like Royal® Sheet Board fit perfectly. It works with all kinds of home and siding styles, from simple and modern to sophisticated and ornate. Plus, it’s paintable and mills and miters cleanly with standard tools.

Add the Finishing Touch with Exterior Trim

Exterior Trim from Westlake Building Products

Aller’s Lumber Company offers Westlake Building Products Exterior Trim & Mouldings. While trim is often overlooked as an exterior design element, it’s essential to completing the transition from “just another house” to “belle of the block.” When paired with the right siding, trim pulls together exterior features of all shapes and sizes, from roof to front door.

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Westlake Royal Building Products – Interior Trim & Mouldings

Trim is not an afterthought, it’s essential – the interior trim you choose is as personal as your individual taste. Come visit our showroom and True Value Hardware store located at 217 West Montauk Highway in Lindenhurst to speak with a member of our team or give us a call at 631-226-6666.

Interior Trim & Mouldings

There are guides you can follow to help make every trim decision a perfect one. One of the most important rules of thumb is to keep the style of your trim consistent with your home style and from room to room.

Interior Trim & Mouldings

Royal® Crown Moulding

This is where ceiling meets inspiration. Our beautiful, durable, scratch-resistant PVC crown moulding won’t crack, split or warp, but it will add definition and dimension to any room you choose. Our decorative moulding styles are available in detailed embossed or smooth styles.

Casing & Base

Ready to add scale and a more fully dressed feeling to your living room, dining room or bedroom? Consider the crisp, precise detail of our ready-to-install casings and base mouldings. Choose from detailed embossed or smooth styles, and don’t even think about maintenance: our PVC moulding resists dents and scratches and won’t crack, split or warp.

Wall & Wainscoting

Our wall and wainscoting profiles introduce personality, warmth and intimacy to any room, especially family and dining rooms. A variety of looks come in the form of precision angles, crisp details, white or woodgrain finishes and detailed embossed or smooth profiles. Plus, every Westlake Royal™ PVC moulding resists dents and scratches, and won’t crack, split or warp.

Coves & Quarter Rounds

Give wall tops and bottoms a totally finished look with crisp, precise Westlake Royal™ PVC Coves and Quarter Rounds profiles. They’re available in durable white or woodgrain finishes, resist dents and scratches and won’t crack, split or warp. Plus, they’re ready to cut and install and require no sanding, which makes wall defining even easier.

Add the Finishing Touch with Interior Trim

Interior Trim & Mouldings from Westlake Building Products

Aller’s Lumber Company offers Westlake Building Products Interior Trim & Mouldings. Our wide array of moulding shapes and styles gives you virtually unlimited flexibility to embellish, amplify, even transform your interior space. Match trim to what’s trending and your personal preferences. Tap into traditional or more contemporary decorative looks.